FCA Carer Recruitment Targets Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Dorset

Foster Care Associates (FCA), the UK’s leading independent fostering agency, has stepped up its foster carer recruitment campaign across Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Dorset.

Through a wide range of marketing initiatives across the print, radio and online mediums, together with regular information evenings, the agency hopes to attract a new influx of quality foster carers in three areas of England which traditionally carry a desperate shortfall.

The targeted campaigns complement the agency’s ongoing recruitment drive to tackle the 10,000 shortage of foster carers across the UK.

“FCA is urging potential foster carers to come forward and find out more about the many benefits that this challenging yet hugely rewarding career can offer. We are seeking to recruit new foster carers in Aylesbury, Buckingham and Milton Keynes in particular, as well as Bournemouth and Southampton,” explained Fozia Sheikh, Marketing Manager for FCA South.

She added: “We are recruiting carers who believe they have what it takes to look after children above the age of 10 years old who sometimes display challenging behaviour. We really need to find a cross-section of local foster carers who are able to cope with the diverse needs and backgrounds of these children – and provide a safe secure environment where children are given the opportunity to flourish and enjoy happy lives in their local communities.”

Residents in Buckinghamshire will receive a wide range of information about fostering and what is involved in becoming a foster carer through leaflet drops, newspaper and radio adverts, and information drop in sessions. FCA will initially run a campaign of radio adverts in Hampshire on fostering in Bournemouth. Potential carers from both regions are also invited to visit the agency’s carer recruitment focussed website, which offers readers locally based information on foster care UK news and events in their region.

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Hays and AmicusHorizon Working With Tenants To Get Them Into Employment

Hays Social Housing, the leading recruiting expert, is working in partnership with AmicusHorizon, one of the largest housing associations in the South East region on a job seeking skills programme.

The three-month programme, which was set up because residents said they needed support in gaining employment, has already secured jobs or training for several tenants and has improved the employability of many others.

The programme started in June with introductory seminars and a series of one-on-one career coaching sessions. Each participant also attended five Hays workshops, which taught them how to write a successful CV and best practice interview tips. Residents were also given access to a ground breaking on-line career programme which was developed by Hays specifically for AmicusHorizon.

Helen Kirk-Brown, Regional Manager at Hays Social Housing, commented: “This partnership is a fantastic way of supporting residents into employment and is essential in such a tough economic climate. To date the participants have completed placements within local businesses and are now working with us to establish personalised long-term career plans. Whilst the project isn’t yet complete, we have already achieved outstanding results as several residents have already secured employment or training opportunities.”

Alma Haq, Resident Involvement Manager at AmicusHorizon, added: “This is the first time we have run a scheme like this and I am extremely pleased at how it is progressing. We are delighted with the commitment the participants have shown. Local businesses have also been very supportive towards the programme. Hays is working hard to ensure residents are equipped to find employment for the long term and it’s great for our residents to know that help is at hand.”

For further information about Hays Social Housing and social housing jobs interested parties can visit: www.hays.co.uk/socialhousing

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Hays Reports Millions Being Spent On Coaching Without A Business Purpose

Hays Senior Finance reports that while multi-millions of pounds are spent on coaching across the UK, 15% of organisations admit they have absolutely no measurements in place to assess the impact of their programmes.

A new survey from Hays Senior Finance, working with expert coach/ mentors LeaderShape, shows that coaching is often undertaken without evaluating the return on investment. The survey also shows that 68% of businesses fail to use coaching directly to address corporate objectives and outcomes are often simply referenced at a personal level.

According to the data, the majority of coach-mentoring programmes are for individuals, with 72% deployed to develop individual talents or address personal worries.

Chris McCarthy, director at Hays Senior Finance, said: “In far too many cases companies are leaving it to individuals to set the framework for their own coaching or mentoring – with little or no reference to business needs. They then fail to check the standards of their programmes and show little concern for the outcomes. Support can be extremely effective when a professional starts a new role, but it is essential it is carried out in the right manner by people who understand the specific needs of these individuals.”

The survey showed that if a senior finance professional leaves within three months of starting a new role not only is there a financial cost, but it dampens staff morale. The vast majority of respondents (96%) agreed that these appointments would benefit from confidential support during this period.

One major concern revealed by the Hays Senior Finance/LeaderShape survey is the lack of ongoing professional development for providers. Internal coach-mentors are the preferred choice by those who use coaching, with 73% of companies using in-house support. However, 16% of coaches and 28% of mentors do not receive any training or support themselves, while companies describe 29% of team or group facilitators as untrained.

Chris Gulliver from LeaderShape commented: “This is a very expensive missed opportunity for UK Plc in fast-moving times. Increasing amounts of money are being spent on coaching as a universal panacea but many companies have no comprehensive overview or sense of purpose.

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