Edenred Calls On Firms To Help Make Sure All Parents Benefit From Childcare Vouchers

Edenred, the world’s leading name in employee benefits, incentives and rewards, has urged businesses to help ensure employees with older children don’t miss out on the benefits of childcare vouchers.

Many companies have a habit of promoting their family-friendly policies towards young families or mothers going on maternity leave, and as a result, many parents mistakenly assume that childcare vouchers are only for young children.

In actual fact, they can be used to pay for the care of children until the first September after their fifteenth birthday. For children registered as disabled, childcare vouchers can be used until the first September following their sixteenth birthday.

Laura Czapiewski, Edenred Childcare Voucher Product Manager, said: “It isn’t just working parents with young children that need support. Working parents with older children need support too.

“The needs of working parents do not end when children start school, and many parents agree that the pre-teen and teenage years can be the most challenging – emotionally and financially. However, many parents of older children are unaware of what they are entitled to.”

Childcare vouchers can be used to pay for a range of things, from nursery care through to holiday and community play schemes. Edenred offers discounts at a range of day and residential holiday clubs, allowing parents to make significant savings.

According to Ms Czapiewski, the key to ensuring parents of older children are able to take advantage of the benefits on offer is good communication.

She said: “When launching a family friendly benefit, it is tempting for businesses to use images of babies and toddlers in the promotion. However, good providers should supply an array of materials designed to attract the interest of parents of older children, using images and messages relating to preteens and teenagers.

“Two way communication is also very important. Surveying employees to find out the ages of their children can be useful because this allows businesses to properly tailor the benefits on offer to each employee. Once businesses have promoted a specific benefit to their employees, it is imperative that HR departments and line managers are fully aware of the scope of availability of these benefits so they can advise employees how and where they can be accessed.”

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Doom And Gloom Is Only For Those Not Adding Value To Their Business

TopLanguageJobs Ireland, Europe’s Number 1 Specialist Job board for bilingual candidates a nd multilingual jobs is in no fear of 2012.

Aytac Irfan of TopLanguageJobs commented: “We’re bringing in the best to add value to our business, clients and candidates. 2012 is only ‘doom and gloom’ for those not adding value to their business.”

2012 has already been a tough year for many across the globe, but it doesn’t have to be thus.

Top Language Jobs Ireland believes it is important to keep adding value to their services offered to clients and candidates. Top Language Jobs Ireland believes it is important to keep adding value to their services offered to clients and candidates by continually developing and growing to move with the times so not to get “left out in the ran”

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