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Euro Staff Solution: Hire 10 – Your First 2 Employees Free

Euro Staff Solution: Hire 10 – Your First 2 Employees Free

LONDON, 03-Jul-2018 — /EPR HUMAN RESOURCES NEWS/ — Are you not tired of receiving promotions only for usual, not-so-important things? How many tooth pastes or photo shoots does one need? Ever wonder why the important things in your professional life are not on offer? We asked ourselves the same questions and we think it is not fair to get free stuff only for your personal life. Businesses love freebies as well! We, at Euro Staff Solution, want to balance the ”free offer” market and thus we are offering 2 recruited employees, free of charge for your business.

Because we are good at what we do and we are confident about it, if you are not satisfied by the first two employees, you can end the collaboration. No hard feelings. You risk nothing.

As every offer goes, you have to give something back (in a matter of speaking). So here is the fine-print: you have work with us on a project where we provide you with a minimum of 10 employees. And there is more… we are limiting this offer to a specific time, namely until the end of August 2018.

Now that you have all this information, and information is power, we must ask: what will you do with such power? Will you take advantage of this opportunity or will you just let it pass?

Let us get a few more objections out of the way. You might ask yourself, with so many recruitment and employment agencies out there, why should you choose our services. Here are a few reasons:

  • We have the Experience and Expertise – Euro Staff Solution has been in the recruitment business for over 15 years. During that time we have had over 1,200 successful partnerships with companies from all over the world and finding jobs for over 10,000 people
  • We have the Intelligence – our staff is made of HR experts who are very passionate about what they are doing and have an in depth knowledge of the labour market and jobseeker psychology.
  • We have the Numbers on our side – 92% success rate in placing candidates and over 80% opt to extend the employment contract with their employer
  • We have the Talent Pool – our database has over 450,000 active job seekers. From unskilled workers, maids, constructors to quality managers, our candidates are from all industries and of all experience levels.
  • We give you Quality Guarantees – if you decide that the person chosen does not meet the requirements, within the established warranty period, we will recruit another candidate, with no additional cost for you and in the same conditions set by the collaboration contract.

You might think that hiring us to do the recruiting for you will cost you an arm and a leg. It won’t. We’re not cheap, but neither is the quality of our services. And when you do the math, taking every aspect into consideration, you will see that you are actually saving money if you choose Euro Staff Solution. What business does not appreciate saving money?!

So only one question remains: does your company need new employees? If the answer is yes, complete the registration form found on https://www.eurostaffsolution.com/workforce-now-ew/ and stop wasting time and money!

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Job Site Goes National As Care & Disability Sector Defies Trend With Thousands Of New Jobs

In sharp contrast to the overall job market, which according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data shows the number of job vacancies in November at its lowest in 30 months, there are abundant opportunities in the disability and community care sector.

The increasing demands of an ageing population and a rise in the numbers of individuals accessing disability services are driving a jobs boom in the disability and community care workforce, with thousands of new workers needed across the country in the next five years.

Mike Field, Project Manager, Workforce Recruitment at National Disability Services (NDS) today announced that NDS’s award-winning carecareers web site www.carecareers.com.au will for the first time be making its services available Australia wide. Part of an initiative aimed at promoting the benefits of a career in the sector, the carecareers jobs board has helped thousands of people in NSW to find work.

From 11 February jobseekers and employers in Victoria, Western Australian and the ACT will be able to take advantage of the service, as will jobseekers and employers in Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania from 25 February.

“There has never been a better time to explore a career in the disability and community care sector. Employment is booming, with some estimates that the workforce in the disability sector could double with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, due to be phased in by 2018,” Mr Field said.

“The sector offers a broad range of career choices, from speech pathologists and occupational therapists to drivers, gardeners and IT professionals. Students and young people, return-to-work parents and career changers will play a vital role in filling job vacancies and providing high-quality support services in the future.”

“A career with a disability or community care provider offers not only a rewarding career, but job security, flexibility and good opportunities for training and career advancement” advised Mr Field.

Potential candidates can go online at www.carecareers.com.au and take a quick picture-based quiz to find out what type of job in the sector would suit them best.

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Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment Employs Two; Announces Scholarship Recipient; Sally Ezra Quoted

The Leader in Actuarial Recruitment, Ezra Penland, is proud to announce the hiring of two new employees at the rapidly-growing, Chicago-based firm. Thomas Clohisy joins Ezra Penland as an Actuarial Recruiter. Tom has executive recruiting experience, as well as recruitment business development skills. He was also a successful commodities trader for a number of years, after having earned an MBA from Loyola University and a Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University. Tom can be reached at tom@EzraPenland.com.

John Gieger joins Ezra Penland as Corporate Librarian and Data Specialist. John earned a Masters of Library and Information Science from Dominican University, as well as a Bachelor’s in Audio Engineering from Belmont University. He has varied experiences as a data manager and a librarian, and brings with him exceptional computer skills and an innate ability for information organization. John may be reached at john@EzraPenland.com.

Additionally, Ezra Penland proudly awards their most recent $500 Actuarial Scholarship to Jordan Nadler. Ms. Nadler is a junior at Missouri State University where she is a Mathematics major with a concentration in Actuarial Science, and she is minoring in Finance and Risk Management & Insurance. In addition to tutoring mathematics, she is a member of the Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity and treasurer of the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma, the Risk Management,Insurance and Actuarial Science Fraternity. Nadler has held an internship at American National and will hold an internship at Ernst & Young this summer in New York. She has passed two Actuarial Exams and is pursuing a career as an Actuary.

And, finally, Sally Ezra, Partner at Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment, was interviewed in the May-June, 2012 Contingencies, the magazine of the American Academy of Actuaries. The topic was the “Workers Compensation Predictive Modeling Comes of Age”, and Ms. Ezra discussed the hireability and availability of actuaries with such skills.

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Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment Hires 3; Announces Scholarship Recipient; Publishes Salary Surveys

Ezra Penland, the Leader in Actuarial Recruitment, is proud to announce the hiring of three new employees at the Chicago-based firm.

Margaret Dobie joins Ezra Penland as an Actuarial Recruiter. She comes from a stellar background of identifying and managing corporate partnerships, in addition to operations management. Margaret can be reached at margaret@EzraPenland.com.

Jacob Galecki joins Ezra Penland as an Actuarial Recruiter. He is a graduate of the Actuarial Science program at Temple University, one of the top such curriculums in the country. Jacob has published articles on the actuarial recruiting market and is an expert in social media as it applies to executive recruitment. Jacob can be reached at jacob@EzraPenland.com.

Ryan McMillin joins Ezra Penland as a Data Analyst. While pursuing actuarial exams, Ryan performs research, organizes data, and participates in a number of Ezra Penland’s ongoing projects. Ryan can be reached at ryan@EzraPenland.com.

Additionally, Ezra Penland proudly awards their most recent $500 Actuarial Scholarship to David Dosher. Mr. Dosher is a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is an Actuarial Science major who has passed the first three actuarial exams. In addition to tutoring mathematics and physics, he is the Actuarial Science Club Alumni Newsletter Chair. Dosher has held three actuarial internships at State Farm, Zurich North America and, most recently, CNA Insurance.

Ezra Penland also announces the exciting publication of their annual US C-Level Insurance Salary Surveys at EzraPenland.com/C-Level . Compensation at the Top 10 US Property and Casualty, Life and Health insurers have been compiled from SEC filings. CEO, Chairman, CFO, CIO, COO, President and General Counsel compensation is summarized.

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NI Jobs Board To Be Launched

FirstNIJobs.com is to launch a brand new jobs board for Northern Ireland including Belfast the country’s capital city where the vast majority of job vacancies are situated. Jobseekers will have the opportunity to show their candidate CV throughout the new NI Jobs Board. This will enable a few jobseekers to show their skill by providing a platform for their CV’s. NI Jobseekers are up against an increasing struggle in setting themselves apart from other candiates in NI. Specifically First NI Jobs will be established to help drive down the price of recruitment in Northern Ireland.

Recruiters and direct employers in Northern Ireland will have the chance of free job postings for a limited time. This is to assist the Northern Ireland recruitment industry in these progressively challenging times. Employers in Belfast and the rest of Northern Ireland are spending thousands of pounds each year in recruitment costs and this will assisting in alleviating some of this recruiting financial costs with a direct monetary saving to employers. As the downturn remains companies are facing growing pressures to cut their marketing and recruiting expenses. First NI Jobs will help companies do just that.

Candidates will be able to search through jobs, get jobs by email as they are freshly posted and upload their CV so that it is searchable by employers. Candidates will also be able to download the FirstNIJobs Iphone app on which they can search and apply for jobs. There shall also be a careers advice area from leading industry careers experts. Recruiters and direct employers will be given the chance with their annual account to post any new blog posts for careers tips and advice for new or recent graduates.

With Belfast being the largest city in Northern Ireland FirstNIJobs will guarantee that this marketplace is contacted and told about the cost savings which they can obtain through using http://www.firstnijobs.com/. If you would like to be given the chance to post your vacancies for the launch date or you are a candidate and would like to showcase your CV please email us at info@firstnijobs.com.

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A Country In Demand

toplanguagejobs.de, Europe’s Number 1 Specialist Provider of Finnisch jobs & Call center jobs Berlin discusses how one region is booming.

Aytac Irfan of TopLanguageJobs commented:

“In the Eurozone Germany is the country with all the cash and jobs and rightly so.”

Over the last couple of month we’ve seen that Germany is the country that is setting the standards within the Eurozone.

Today it was announced that Germany is going reluctantly going to provide the majority of the fund to get Greece out of immediate turmoil, again.

Germans seem to be using a vast range of skills to fulfill a wide variety of jobs. Language jobs in particular are on the rise and also in major population zones in Germany. Berlin is seen as the epicenter for this rise with many more jobs being created.

Germany is certainly leading the way in the Eurozone with the production of more GDP per capita than any other country in the Eurozone.

About TopLanguageJobs
Top Language Jobs, Europe’s No. 1 specialist language recruitment job portal.

We operate the largest European network of English jobs Berlin & multilingual jobs websites and have 1000’s of bilingual jobs available online from leading language recruitment agencies & employers in London, UK & Europe.

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English Speaking Jobs in France

toplanguagejobs.fr, Europe ‘s Number 1 Specialist Provider of English jobs and English speaking jobs sums up the the French jobs marker.

Aytac Irfan of TopLanguageJobs commented:

“English speaking jobs are becoming more and more wide spread throughout Europe and especially France and Brits turn to the continent for job stability.”

A small percentage of Britons and leaving to mainland Europe because of the looming double dip recession in the UK.

A growing majority of Britons speak French as a second language or at least have proficiency in French due to the teachings they received at grammar school.

Because of this a small majority is seeking work in France and especially Paris. English is a great first language to have, but similarly French is a great second language to have.

Europeans and Britons are looking to reach out and expand their horizons in a tough economy by making tough decisions.

We expect not too many Britons to ‘jump ship’ over the next quarter. But certainly it is a chance for people to try something new and find new opportunities.

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Swedish Jobs Rise For The Third Year In A Row

toplanguagejobs.co.uk, Europe’s Number 1 Specialist Provider of Swedish jobs and Swedish speaking jobs provides data about what people are looking for.

Aytac Irfan of TopLanguageJobs commented:

“For the third year running Swedish jobs and jobs in Sweden have grown due to foreign investment. This is fantastic for Sweden and foreign Swedish language job seekers.”

For the last three years Sweden has been at the forefront of investment from the European Union and overseas.

This is due to an overwhelming demand for Swedish professionals and Swedish foreign language speakers. This has been apparent throughout the rest of Europe and jobs for Swedish language speaking professionals have grown for yet another year.

The success of Swedish language speaking professionals and job in Sweden is due to a system which the Swedish government has in place.

Well done to Sweden, let’s hope that some other countries can follow suit.

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Client Uncertainty Holds Back Growth

toplanguagejobs.nl Europe ‘s Number 1 Specialist Provider of Spaanse vacatures and English jobs talks about how they have seen an increase in the last month.

Aytac Irfan of TopLanguageJobs commented: “The Netherlands is facing a unique issue where clients are uncertain about making large business decisions due to the fallback that may occur as a result. This is slowing the economy in not only Netherlands but in Europe .”

Clients are hesitating to buy and as a result the economy is growing, but a lot more slowly than it should. Companies such as Randstad Holding NV whose business is dependant on a high up turn, as are a lot of other companies, says that its growth is being held back and expects ‘Single-digit growth in staffing sales.’

In other industries KPN reported results down across Dutch activities in a number of areas in the second quarter. With their revenues falling by 3.7% with an underlying drop of 2.2 percent, some companies can only be so lucky.

In Rotterdam it’s a different story, companies are more focused on ‘Satisfied employees = better work’ and how conditions could act as the catalyst to get people back into work who may have become complacent over the months and years.

“Down time,” says Bakker, “is not only a mark of sympathetic management. It helps renew workers, keeping them happy, productive and engaged,” which in turn results in a virtuous cycle of work engagement, job satisfaction and higher productivity.

We can only hope that the Netherlands and the organizations lose their hesitancy and spark a revival that crosses borders into neighboring larger economies to get Europe going again.

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All About The Women In Norway

toplanguagejobs.no, Europe ‘s Number 1 Specialist Provider of language jobs and translation jobs talks about how they have seen an increase in the last month.

Aytac Irfan of TopLanguageJobs commented: “Norwegian speaking jobs have always been in high demand, especially in London even more so in 2011 and moving into 2012.”

The demand is highly due to the EU parliament backing women for more corporate positions. The EU is backing sanctions to employ quotas for the top corporate jobs in the EU.

The term ‘golden’ skirts has been loosely associated with these corporate women and is being adopted throughout Norway .

Due to the backing Norway and women and getting throughout Europe this is having an effect on Norwegian speaking jobs throughout Europe. More and more people are looking for niche jobs in the UK and certainly London.

“..headhunters are starting to look to the boards and pick up women for executive jobs.” Helena Morrissey, London.

About TopLanguageJobs
Top Language Jobs, Europe’s No. 1 specialist language recruitment job portal.

We operate the largest European network of language jobs & multilingual jobs websites and have 1000’s of bilingual jobs available online from leading language recruitment agencies & employers in London, UK & Europe.

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Bilingual Fever

toplanguagejobs.co.uk, Europe ‘s Number 1 Specialist Provider of bilingual jobs and translation jobs talks about how they have seen an increase in the last month.

Aytac Irfan of TopLanguageJobs commented: “Over the last few weeks we have seen a surge of bilingual vacancies in UK and Europe . This is not surprising considering the quality of language speaking professionals available.”

June / July ’11 has seen an increase in the amount of bilingual job positions that have been made available throughout Europe and overseas.

This could be due to the US jobs report that was published a few days ago. Britain and Europe usually catches a cold when the US ‘sneezes’.

A lot of clients are looking for candidates with a bilingual or multilingual skill set. A lot of job specifications are now carrying the phrase ‘bilingual preferred, which is great for that particular niche and language speaking professionals.

For school and government positions these types of skill sets are in high demand. The wave of bilingual and multilingual language speakers across the world is increasing as countries continue to diversify.

“It depends upon the position … but if there were two candidates of equal abilities and backgrounds and qualifications and one was bilingual, that would give them the edge.” Gainesville City Schools Superintendent Merrianne Dyer said.

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MBA & Company Rides The Wave Of New Business Trends As MBA Employment Diversifies

Business specialist MBA & Company has stayed a step ahead of the industry with its approach to the changing nature of the MBA jobs market.

After the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 and the expected shortfall of MBA job opportunities in traditionally large employers – such as Citigroup – many economists and industry experts suggested that the role of the business post-graduate, a staple of the financial booms in the 1980s and 1990s, was becoming irrelevant.

However, MBA & Company proved it was ahead of the trends by predicting the market’s response: the demand for MBA jobs may have diminished in the archetypal financial skyscrapers; however, a host of new employers, in new sectors, and new ways of working have arisen.

Amazon.co.uk, for instance, is now a huge employer of MBAs. As more and more companies go online; and as business strategy becomes crucial to all public services and commercial ventures in the recession, the role of the MBA has transformed to encompass freelancing, off-shore and consultancy opportunities in a wide range of sectors including retail, education, security and politics.

MBA & Company, established during the downturn and challenged to find a solution to the inevitable cut-backs in the multinationals, predicted this very trend. By responding to the diversity of employers’ requirements, and understanding how MBA knowledge can support their work, MBA & Company has developed reliable recruitment solutions for an unpredictable world.

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36 Months Of Jobs, No Not Steve The Other One…

toplanguagejobs.ie, Europe ‘s Number 1 Specialist Provider of bilingual jobs and multilingual jobs goes back through the last 12 months to sum up international markets.

Jan 2009 – Google to cut 1—recruitment jobs

Even though Google revenues being an estimated $ 23,650,563 and an improvement of 9% on 2008, Google cut 100 recruitment jobs in 2009. This was one of the most talked about items in Q4 of 2009 purely because a lot of people believed a small percentage of companies to be ‘recession proof’, apparently the recession hit everyone. Google also fell $13.35 or 4.3pc to $300.97 on the 15 th January 2009 in Nasdaq stock market trading.


February 2009 – U.S. lost 598,000 jobs in January

The second highest report story over the last three years was the gloomy financial impact of the recession on the U.S job market as a whole. Employment in the U.S. jumped by 7.6% in one month alone. Since the recession began in 2007, the US has lost 3.6 million jobs in total (until 2009)

“It’s also important to keep in mind that the job market is local – the most recent unemployment rates coming out of major metropolitan areas like Milwaukee, Baltimore, Boston and D.C., for example, reflect much brighter employment pictures than other regions of the country,” said Tig Gilliam, CEO of Adecco Group North America, in a statement. “Even more critical than where you live or what you do, educational accomplishments have the greatest impact on an individual’s ability to find a job.”

Manufacturing and construction were the hardest hit with a total in excess of a quarter of a million jobs. Los Angeles was also the hardest hit city in the recession losing 82,000 jobs in 2008.


December 2009 – Europe stocks jump on US jobs data

In third place the most talked about story was that European stock markets looked to overtake recovery of due to lack of improvement In US employment that revived hopes of a total recovery. The FTSE gained 0.2% while the Paris rose 1.3% & 1.1% in Amsterdam.

European stocks gained slightly after the publication of the US job report. British Airways jumped 2.81% after Citigroup raised its recommendation on the share from ‘buy to ‘hold’.

Analysts cautioned that the improved but mixed labour picture could be a blip as unemployment continued to rise.

‘This report, despite its unevenness, will likely create some real euphoria in the investor community. It is the first time we can start thinking that the job situation may be turning around with some gusto,” said Joel Naroff of Naroff Economic Advisors.

Heidi Shierholz of the Economic Policy Institute said the report showed ‘‘finally some healing” but warned that ‘‘unemployment … is expected to continue on an upward trend until we start adding jobs in a healthy way, which will likely not happen until next spring or summer.’


December 2010 – US loses 85,000 jobs in December

The fourth most talked about story was the US unemployment rate finally holding steady on 10.0% with renewed optimism from the government reporting a turnaround in the labour market.

Gains in jobs were key at this point showing a turnaround was possible. With a net gain of 4,000 jobs in November rather than the reported 11,000 loss was the first positive month after 22 months of losses.

“We’re getting a steady but very slow improvement in the job market,” said Robert MacIntosh, economist at Eaton Vance.

Most notable mention – Government sector employment fell by 21,000 in the month.


January 2011 – Obama to recast agenda to focus on jobs, deficit

President Barack Obama recast his high-stakes address to the American people on 27 th January 2011 to address jobs and the economic deficit that has been plaguing the west since 2007.

The main purpose of the address was to convince his ‘prime-time’ audience that he understands the economic pain and blight that is being inflicted on them and his proposals for a new job-creation push.

The overall deficit for the US is was estimated at $1.35 trillion in 2010.


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The Post-RDR IFA Market Is Going To Look Considerably Different

The post-RDR IFA market is going to look considerably different. Will there be many of today’s IFAs here to witness the change?

The Post-RDR IFA Market Is Going To Look Considerably Different

Transitions taking place amongst small and medium-sized IFA firms, as a result of measures demanded by the FSA’s Retail Distribution Review (RDR), are now well underway. But feedback from Reed Insurance jobs clients in this sector indicates that a sizeable number will simply close up shop when implementation becomes mandatory in 2012. Some industry experts have gone on record as saying that as many as 30% of IFAs will cease trading, selling their client banks on to IFAs of a similar size, or to the major players.

Finding fresh blood: a growing challenge

The implications for those firms that remain in the market are clear. Many fear that it will become harder to find people who want to provide independent financial advice, as firms get squeezed out of the market.

Changes to reward and remuneration structures mean that, while commission elements may be largely eliminated and basic salaries driven upward, earning potential will be reduced overall.

Sales-focused advisers with a hunger to maximise their earnings may leave the profession altogether for less heavily regulated sectors, while graduates might be attracted by the glitz of volume recruitment campaigns already being waged by blue chip names on the high street.

There is one glimmer of hope – because of the introduction of basic salaries, talented people currently working in the bancassurance market may be keener to explore opportunities with IFAs.

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Carers and Social Workers Recognised in Reed Carer of the Year 2010 Awards

Launched this month, the Reed Carer of the Year Awards 2010 will recognise outstanding contributions made by exceptional individuals working in Care and Social Work.

Created in 2009 to recognise some of the fantastic contributions made by individuals working in these challenging areas, the Reed Carer of the Year Awards are run by Reed Social Care Jobs, in association with Sue Ryder Care. The awards are open to anyone working within Social or Domiciliary Care, and each national category winner – the Reed Carer of the Year 2010 and the Reed Social Worker of the Year 2010 – will receive £1,000 of holiday vouchers.

Members of the public, clients, service users, fellow carers and social workers can nominate any individual who they believe has demonstrated extraordinary commitment in a caring capacity. For each Award nomination1 received by Reed Social Care up until the 31st May closing date, the recruitment specialist will donate £8.70 to the Sue Ryder Care charity towards an hour of care.

Regional Winners will be announced in early June, and these outstanding individuals will each receive a prize hamper, certificate and progress to the national final of the Reed Carer of the Year 2010 Awards. This event takes place on 2nd September 2010 in London at The Waldorf Hotel, which this year is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary – just as recruitment specialist Reed is celebrating it’s formation 50 years ago.

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Employer Demand Drops 3% In March, As Reed Job Index Reads 102

Mixed signals for the UK economy on brink of Election call as demand for top finance and business services staff rises 4%.

Employer Demand Drops 3% In March, As Reed Job Index Reads 102

Demand from UK employers for new workers fell back overall in March, according to the Reed Job Index published today (Tuesday 6 April 2010).

The number of new job opportunities fell by 3 Index points (3%) to give a Reed Job Index reading of 102 in March compared to February’s high of 105.

In contrast, demand for key business services professionals across finance, general insurance and marketing rose in March. Employer demand for staff in these career sectors increased by 5 Index points (4%) compared to February, indicating growing confidence in this pre-recessionary heartland of the British economy.

Each month the Reed Job Index tracks the number of new job opportunities on offer compared to the previous month and against a baseline of 100 set in December last year. The Reed Job Index is based on data from the UK’s largest job board, reed.co.uk, which every day lists over 90,000 job opportunities from 8,000 recruiters across 37 career sectors throughout the UK.

The Reed Job Index figure stands at 102 in March, a 3 point decrease compared to February’s high of 105 – although it is still 2 points above December last year when the Index baseline was first set at 100.

However demand remained high for staff across the business services sector. New vacancy numbers rose most for Qualified Accountants, General Insurance plus Strategy and Consultancy professionals, with increased demand for Marketing and PR, and Banking staff close behind.

Demand fell most for Engineering, Scientific, and Manufacturing staff, demonstrating the continued weakness of these sectors in spite of the extra government support for them announced in last month’s Budget.

At the same time, the Public Sector Reed Index figure stands at 79, with demand for new staff lower in this sector than any other – although it has risen slightly above February’s low of 76.

Interested in recruiting? For more information on recruitment and jobs offered by Reed Specialist Recruitment, please visit their website reedglobal.com.

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Career Coach Urges Out-of-Work Americans to ‘Be Like Madonna’

Millions of Americans facing long-term joblessness may find greater success in finding a new career rather than trying to reclaim what was lost says Washington-based success coach Eva Jenkins. Jenkins, who is herself re-tooling due to the economic meltdown, suggests a path of self-reinvention modeled on the ultimate ‘quick change artist’…Madonna.

Career Coach Urges Out-of-Work Americans to ‘Be Like Madonna'

As corporate economic belt-tightening makes the prospect of new positions in old places unlikely, Eva Jenkins urges the more than 15 million Americans who are looking for work to think like Madonna. “Madonna has remained a top pop icon for nearly three decades,” observes the Washington-based career coached. “It’s because she has consistently reinvented herself to fit changing times.”

Jenkins believes that a Madonna-like willingness to let go of the past and see new possibilities in the future is “the best antidote to a toxic employment environment.”

Leading by Example
Jenkins, herself, is a victim of the times. The founder of V.I.P. Innovations, one of Washington’s premiere resources for managing ‘human capital,’ Jenkins spent 20+ years working within corporations to facilitate effective communication from top to bottom, inside and out. But as the corporate bean counters have slashed budgets and human resources programs, she has found herself with fewer and fewer clients. “I knew I had to find a new way to ‘spin’ my skills,” she explains.

She reassessed her strengths and nimbly made the transition from working with human resources departments to simply working with humans. She offers one-on-one career coaching to the newly and long-term unemployed. She calls herself a ‘guide,’ noting that she sought out this new role not by choice, but as a by-product of the current economy.

“My new role seems to be a true calling,” she observes. “And in the process of helping others find out who they are, I have also been discovering my own path.”

Jenkins strives to build positive business relationships with her clients. “The best way I know to inspire people as their coach is to ‘walk the walk’ not just ‘talk the talk,’” she says. In this way, Jenkins serves as a role model for her clients. “I model the behaviors I want my clients to emulate such as the willingness to take risks, and a willingness to be vulnerable, authentic and open in their communication,” she explains.

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Nearly Three Quarters of Finance Professionals Say They Will Look for A New Job In 2010

Levels of optimism are much higher than six months ago among finance professionals and their employers, according to the 2010 Reed Accountancy & Reed Finance Salary and Benefits Guide – which polled over 200,000 jobseekers and 40,000 employers in a wide range of sectors across the UK.

With 59% of employers optimistic about improving trading conditions and 71% of individuals saying they intend to look for a new finance job in 2010, retention of key finance staff will be a challenge across the public sector, private sector and also within accountancy firms this year.

Despite last year’s much-publicised pay cuts and pay freezes, the majority of finance professionals reported receiving slight pay increases (1.5 to 2.5% on average). Pay rates in the public sector rose by the most (between 2.5 and 3%). The recession created increased demand for more specialist finance roles – in particular within audit, recovery, restructuring and change management.

2010 – A year of change

Even though 43% of individuals said they felt secure within their current position, with growing levels of confidence there is likely to be a rise in the movement of finance professionals between organisations throughout 2010. The survey uncovered notable discrepancies between the perceptions of employers and employees: 71% of employers said they believed their employees were loyal to their organisation. Meanwhile, while only 25% of employees felt that they are rewarded adequately in their current role – suggesting that pay rates will become an increasingly important factor in a ‘war for talent retention’ in the coming year. Financial analysis, financial risk management and compliance will continue to be key skills in demand during 2010, while aspiring jobseekers will be attracted to perceived fast-growth sectors such as energy (from nuclear to renewables), digital technology and online media.

Reed Finance Director Tim Vye commented: “With the UK emerging steadily out of recession and a general election before the summer, 2010 may be an uncertain year for some employers. However, recruiting and retaining the best finance talent will be a priority as the job market moves away from being employer-driven. “2010 will also mean fresh changes for finance professionals in all market sectors. 64% of respondents in our survey said the role of the accountant has changed significantly over recent years, with a far greater need for people skills, strategic thinking and commercial acumen.”

Recruitment within Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) has shown encouraging increases recently. Many employers are increasingly looking for finance professionals with ‘future boardroom potential’.

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Christmas Party Blues for Britain’s Small Businesses

It’s been a tough year for Britain’s small businesses, but even with the end in sight, hardworking business owners and staff are not in the mood to party. Almost half of SMEs (42%) are not going to have a Christmas party and 46% will not be paying any bonuses, according to new research from uSwitchforbusiness.com, the dedicated SME price comparison and switching service.

80% of SMEs have found 2009 to be a tough year. As the impact of the recession took its toll, 58% of business owners were forced to find ways to cut costs and only a third (33%) were able to leave staff perks unscathed. And it seems that 2009 is going to end on the same sombre note, with business owners keeping a tight lid on celebrations and bonuses so that they can continue to balance the books.

Staff may be disappointed, but in the longer term there should be much better news. 43% of small businesses can see some signs of economic recovery. As these greenshoots strengthen jobs should become more secure, companies will be able to ease back on cost cutting and hopefully be in a position to start rewarding loyal workers again.

Jake Ridge, SME expert at uSwitchforBusiness.com, says: “2009 has been a difficult year for SMEs so it’s not surprising that many feel forced to pull the plug on the traditional Christmas party and end of year bonuses. These are difficult decisions to make and could have an impact on staff morale and loyalty. For those employees hit by the double whammy it’s going to feel like a real damp squib of a Christmas.

“Things are looking up for next year though with 43% of companies saying they can see some signs of recovery. However, it’s early days so it remains vitally important that they continue to keep a tight lid on essential running costs. One very easy step is to cut down on the amount they are spending on energy by making sure they are paying the lowest possible price and by cutting down on the amount they use. By getting independent information and support in switching to a cheaper supplier, SME owners could save up to 70% on their energy bills.”

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Demand For HR Professionals Hits High

Joslin Rowe reports demand for HR professionals is steadily increasing with job vacancies in financial services currently at their highest levels of 2009. This shift in the market shows that employers now have the budget to recruit new employees and recognise that with expanding work loads, departments left under resourced by redundancy now need more support.

This turn in the market is highlighted in Joslin Rowe’s bi-annual salary survey, where the figures show that there has been a 4% increase in HR job volumes in the last 6 months for permanent recruitment and a massive 63% surge in temporary and contract jobs. The influx of temporary and contract HR job positions appears to be a short term remedy to ease pressure on under resourced HR departments with demand for analytical, compensation and benefits professionals hitting a high to meet the year end requirements.

“Whilst the job flow does lie heavily within temporary and contract recruitment, this increase is extremely positive in a market that has been relatively stagnant for the majority of 2009”, said Tara Ricks, Managing Director of Joslin Rowe. “While talk of a market turn becomes more commonplace, employers are awaiting clearer signs that we’re beginning to leave the recession, so they can plan for growth in 2010.”

Yet while demand for HR professionals is on the rise, there has been a drop in salaries. On the permanent side average earnings have fallen by 14% over the last 6 months. While decreases have also taken place on the temporary side, the scale of the drop hasn’t been mirrored, with an average cut of only 1.2%.

Whilst salaries have taken a dip, the outlook is a positive one. If the demand for HR temps and contractors continues, this should have a knock on effect on permanent recruitment and with an increase in job flow, along with an expected boost in salaries. Joslin Rowe has already started seeing a rise in permanent mid level positions.

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