Employee Surveys Encourage Leaders to Put Their Best Foot Forward

One of the most important things about being a leader is being able to take honest feedback through employee surveys. While opening up oneself to the criticism and judgment of others is no small feat, it is essential in improving one’s growth as a leader.

A leader may strive to have all the qualities expected of him in order to set a good example in the workplace. He may be inspiring, challenging and he may possess a good humor. He may be punctual, sets meetings at the right time and he may delegate tasks well. In his mind he may be living up to the best of his abilities and to the expectations of his colleagues and subordinates. But this is only in his mind.

A good leader is willing to open himself up to the criticism of those around him, especially those that he works with. Employee surveys are one way to gauge the true effectiveness of a boss or manager. They are questionnaires usually given out at different intervals of a fiscal year. Everyone from the delivery man up to the accountants and the top sales manager are required to fill in a survey that may pertain to a particular person holding a position of management.

Do keep in mind that these employee surveys are in no way meant to attack a person’s character. The questions that are normally listed down on these have to do with the abilities and qualities of the said person in relation to the workplace. Most of the questions serve to examine whether he is in conduct with the workplace code and employee handbook. There will also be queries on whether he is performing his tasks well or living up to his job title. These questionnaires are usually fuss-free and should be done in an hour or less.

A survey conducted on the effectiveness of employee surveys showed that companies that have integrated these into their development strategies have seen a marked difference in their top management’s performance. The rationale behind this is individuals tend to perform better when they know that they will be evaluated afterwards. It is also the concept that makes shows reality shows very compelling to watch. As the contestants know they are being watched, they tend to put on their best foot forward

All in all, employee surveys should be given a chance by all workplace environments looking for an increase in office productivity and top level management performance.

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UK May Move Further Out Of Line With Most European Countries On Encouraging Workers To Eat At Lunch Time By Removing Tax Relief

The Government may take the UK further out of line with virtually all major European countries by removing tax allowances to employers that can encourage workers to eat a proper lunch.

Employers can currently claim 15p (0.18 Euros) on luncheon vouchers they provide to staff. In Germany employers receive €3.10 per employee per day: the French Government allows € 5.21 Euros; in Italy the allowance is €5.29; in Switzerland€5.80; in Belgium it is €5.91 Euros and in Spain the allowance is a remarkable €9.00 per employee per day.

Country and Euro per day allowance
Austria = 4.40
Belgium = 5.91
Bulgaria = 1.46
Czech Republic = 2.00
France = 5.21
Germany = 3.10
Greece = 6.00
Hungary = 2.60
Italy = 5.29
Luxembourg = 5.60
Poland = 2.37
Portugal = 7.26
Romania = 2.00
Slovakia = 2.70
Spain = 9.00
Switzerland = 5.80
Turkey = 5.39
United Kingdom = 0.18

Following a Budget announcement by the Government in the Spring, there is at present a consultation period before UK tax relief is due to be reduced to zero in the 2012 Finance bill.

This is despite Dame Carol Black, the Government’s national director for health and work, backing a recent YMCA report which criticised Britain’s ‘no lunch break’ culture and found that one in three people skip eating at work.

According to research by Bupa published earlier this year, UK companies are losing close to £50million a day in lost productivity as workers fail to take a lunch break. Bupa Clinical Director of Occupational Health, Dr. Jenny Leeser, also recently said: “In challenging economic times, the UK work force is in overdrive and the lunch break is falling by the wayside. Instead of taking a break to refuel, workers are using props including chocolates and sweets and caffeinated drinks to get them through the day.”

Andrew Adams of leading employee benefits and flexible benefits provider Edenred commented: “It is widely accepted that eating a proper lunch and taking a break are important for staff to be productive at work. Yet the Government is planning to go in the opposite direction to most European countries by removing the minimal level of tax relief it currently grants.

“Surely if the Government is truly committed to encouraging workers to eating properly at lunchtime and to supporting employers trying to maximise productivity in this tough economic climate, it should be increasing rather than removing tax relief on luncheon schemes?

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Swedish Jobs Rise For The Third Year In A Row

toplanguagejobs.co.uk, Europe’s Number 1 Specialist Provider of Swedish jobs and Swedish speaking jobs provides data about what people are looking for.

Aytac Irfan of TopLanguageJobs commented:

“For the third year running Swedish jobs and jobs in Sweden have grown due to foreign investment. This is fantastic for Sweden and foreign Swedish language job seekers.”

For the last three years Sweden has been at the forefront of investment from the European Union and overseas.

This is due to an overwhelming demand for Swedish professionals and Swedish foreign language speakers. This has been apparent throughout the rest of Europe and jobs for Swedish language speaking professionals have grown for yet another year.

The success of Swedish language speaking professionals and job in Sweden is due to a system which the Swedish government has in place.

Well done to Sweden, let’s hope that some other countries can follow suit.

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Jobs Detective Launch New Website

Jobs Detective has announced the launch of its new UK based website, offering a number of unique technologies and resources exclusive to the UK based site which is aimed at both those looking for jobs as well as recruiters.

The unique features of the site include JD Score (Jobs Detective Score), which is an easy way for recruiters to see how well a candidate matches the role applied for. Candidates simply upload their CV which Jobs Detective then scans and lists jobs that are relevant to their CV. When a job is applied for, the application and the JD Score goes to the recruiter. This enables the recruiter to see how well a candidate’s CV matches the job. Following registration to the site, users will have a ‘Jobs4me’ section which they can visit and see the jobs that are scored to their CV.

The Multiapply Cart is another feature exclusive to the Job Detective website. This allows users to add as many jobs as they wish to their cart while browsing the site and then apply for them simultaneously and submit a covering letter for each individual job.

Sonum Tailor at Jobs Detective said: “Jobs Detective is running on state of the art technology. It is truly a massive contribution to the recruitment industry as we anticipate being one of the leading jobs boards in the UK, serving millions nationwide. We are excited to be entering such a highly competitive industry with our exclusive features. We hope everyone enjoys the site, as we will continuously strive for matching relevant talent to job vacancies.”

As well as a full range of jobs, including temporary jobs and graduate jobs, the site also offers plenty of useful information to assist job seekers in standing out from the crowd including job seeking tips, advice on how to write a CV, assistance in networking and advice on how to deal with stress in the workplace.

The site was launched at a black tie dinner party held at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington open to their loyal and dedicated recruiters. The event was hosted by top comedian Jimmy Carr and guests enjoyed a three course dinner served with champagne.

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How to Achieve Success

The good news is that there is no secret formula or magical key to success. Anybody can learn how to achieve success by developing such personal qualities as persistence, strength, high moral values and hard work.

Persistence or tenacity could be the most important ingredient in success. Most successful women achieve their goals not because they are the smartest or the most capable but because they simply did not giving up. In many cases, all that is required for success is to stay in the game.

Quite a few women do not develop this quality – instead they get discouraged and loose their motivation. This occurs because these women do not have any successful role models. It is very easy to get discouraged and frustrated when you go it alone.

Therefore one of the best ways to learn how to achieve success is to spend time around successful women. Simply seeing and talking to others who have achieved their goals and overcome obstacles can motivate you to stay in the game.

Networking for Success
Organizations like the National Association of Professional Women, community groups, business groups and alumni associations are a great place to meet other successful women. They are also a good refuge from a male dominated business environment.

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Changes Galore to Toplanguagejobs.co.uk

toplanguagejobs.co.uk, Europe’s Number 1 Specialist Provider of bilingual jobs and multilingual jobs vacancies round up how they serve their customers better with technical on site changes.

Aytac Irfan of TopLanguageJobs commented: “ It’s great to see these changes being pushed through so quickly and so efficiently by our young but experienced technical team. ”

Over the last couple of weeks Toplanguagejobs.co.uk has seen some changes to the look and feel of the site.

They believe that with these changes it creates a more innovative user experience. Every change has been well thought out and tested so that it is the ideal change to better serve the customer, not the search engine.

Head over to the site today and find navigating the site will be much easier with new pagination on the jobs pages.

More social buttons have been integrated into the site to cater for sites such as LinkedIn and the new recommend and share buttons coming out of Facebook.

The site has also been sped up to a degree that it is 60% faster than before. Going from page to make will become an enjoyable experience and so much faster and more efficient than before. We’re here to help you and make your experience a faster, more effective one. More time = more job applications. Good luck!

About TopLanguageJobs
Top Language Jobs, Europe ‘s No. 1 specialist language recruitment job portal.

We operate the largest European network of bilingual jobs & multilingual jobs websites and have 1000’s of bilingual jobs available online from leading language recruitment agencies & employers in London, UK & Europe.

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French & Spanish #1

toplanguagejobs.co.uk, Europe’s Number 1 Specialist Provider of Spanish speaking jobs and French speaking jobsprovides data about what people are looking for.

Aytac Irfan of TopLanguageJobs commented:

“It’s not out of line with tradition, but we have seen the top two languages search for on our site increase to almost double over the last month.”

In July ’11 Top Language Jobs saw a spike in Spanish and French speaking jobs on their site. Traditionally Spanish and French speaking jobs are the most sought after for bilingual language speaking professionals in Europe, but this month there has been a dramatic increase.

More and more people are looking for these sorts of jobs in UK and Europe . This may be due to the rise of the Economic monetary union as a whole, but may just be a seasonal trend such as when UK workers go on holiday or take breaks during late July and early August.

The third most searched for language was Italian.

Next month we expect to see more of the same, but with more of a rise in Italian speaking jobs due to a higher volume of jobs being published for Italian language job seekers throughout Europe.

About TopLanguageJobs
Top Language Jobs, Europe ‘s No. 1 specialist language recruitment job portal.

We operate the largest European network of bilingual jobs & multilingual jobs websites and have 1000’s of bilingual jobs available online from leading language recruitment agencies & employers in London, UK & Europe.

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