Bigmouthmedia has announced the appointment of CEO, Ian McCaig, to the company’s board in a non-executive role

Bigmouthmedia has announced the appointment of Ian McCaig to the company’s board. Joining bigmouthmedia, Europe’s largest independent digital marketing agency, in a non-executive role, the CEO brings a wealth of client side international business experience to the position.

“Digital marketing plays an increasingly important role in the success of online commerce and it is a particularly exciting time for this growth sector,” said McCaig. “The industry is set to take an even more prominent place on the global stage and, as a leading-edge brand with a great history and pan-European footprint, bigmouthmedia is perfectly positioned to remain at the forefront of this fast evolving industry.”

McCaig, who will remain in his post, has a history of involvement in companies poised to make a major impact on the international markets. He was appointed COO of in 2003 and has been responsible for the group’s operations throughout Europe. Since joining he has worked on the growth and development of and has successfully led the integration with Travelocity since its acquisition in July.

Aged 41, Ian was previously Vice President of 3G operations at Nokia and spent seven years overall in the telecommunications industry.

“We are particularly excited by the addition of Ian to our board”, commented Steve Leach, CEO of bigmouthmedia. “While his extensive experience in the online and technology sectors will deliver obvious benefits, his mastery of the mergers, acquisitions and integration process will be of great value as we enter the next phase in bigmouthmedia’s development.”

Bigmouthmedia GmbH was formed in 2006 with the merger of bigmouthmedia limited and Global Media GmbH to form the largest privately held digital marketing agency in Europe through the backing of The Carlyle Group. Nazo Moosa, a director at Carlyle who sits on the board of bigmouthmedia, said: “We believe these challenging markets provide an opportunity for the leaders in each industry to consolidate their position. We are committed to supporting bigmouthmedia in its aim to lead the fragmented digital marketing sector in Europe, and are confident Ian will play a key role in achieving this.”

About bigmouthmedia

Founded in 1997, bigmouthmedia is Europe’s largest independent digital marketing agency. With a team of over 200 staff across 13 offices in 10 countries on 3 continents, the company maximises exposure for major brands online through a variety of fully integrated digital marketing channels: Search engine optimisation, PPC, Online Media Planning, Affiliate Marketing, Social Networking, Brand Monitoring, Online PR and Web Analytics. Bigmouthmedia also provides up to date daily digital marketing news to ensure clients are fully informed and aware of all industry developments.

Leading the digital marketing strategies of a third of the UK’s most trusted brands, bigmouthmedia services over 300 big-brand customers globally including: Adidas, Hilton, British Airways, Tesco, Aer Lingus, BP, Barclays, Castrol, Conrad International, Dorling Kindersley, Early Learning Centre, , Fasthosts, Jumeirah, Canon, Samsung, Starbucks, Top Man, Debenhams, Which?, Lacoste, Euler Hermes and Wall Street Institute.


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Eva Jenkins Shows That Workers Who Trim Pounds May Also Reduce Their Weight On The Corporate Bottom Line

Eva Jenkins has found a new intersection for personal and professional success: weight loss. The respected business consultant and personal coach believes that corporate support for employee weight-loss programs

can pay off in bottom line savings. “There’s no denying the strong link between obesity and workers’ compensation claims, so bottom-line conscious companies must take note,” she observes. “So work-based programs designed to make employees healthier can give a booster shot to a business and inoculate it against rising healthcare costs.”

A Better Way to “Insure” Employee Health

Healthcare and insurance costs remain at the center of the economic and political debate, especially in light of recession worries. “If you pay health insurance for your employees, obesity is affecting your bottom line,” says Jenkins. “It has a direct relation to your economic health and smart businesses are finding that investing in a little preventive medicine can pay off with significant savings.”

Healthcare and insurance costs remain at the center of the economic and political debate, especially in light of recession worries. “If you pay health insurance for your employees, obesity is affecting your bottom line,” says Jenkins. “It has a direct relation to your economic health and smart businesses are finding that investing in a little preventive medicine can pay off with significant savings.”

According to a recent study out of Duke University Medical Center, obese employees cost companies more money than their fit counterparts—in lost workdays, higher medical costs, and more workers’ compensation claims. “The researchers found that obese workers filed twice as many workers’ compensations claims as workers who fell within the recommended BMI range,” reports Jenkins. “Those claims translated into medical costs that were seven times higher ($51,019 per 100 employees.)”

An article in The Wall Street Journal reported that an obese employee costs General Motors approximately $1,500 more in health services each year compared to an employee who is height-weight proportionate. “If you apply the national average for obesity (approximately 25%) to the company’s active workforce and their dependents, GM is spending nearly $1.4 billion more in healthcare costs each year than it would if all its employees were fit and trim,” says Jenkins.

The Chicago Tribune reports that per-worker healthcare costs increase by more than 80% in the past 8 years. Given the alarming rise in obesity in American workers and the relationship between weight and a wide range of diseases and illnesses, “it’s not hard to connect the dots and see that it’s in the interest of businesses to help their employees maintain their weight.”

Healthy Teams Win

Jenkins is an advocate of team effort. “No one can fully achieve their dreams alone. Not people and not companies.” She is a strong advocate for onsite weight loss support groups led by an experienced facilitator who can also provide one-on-one counseling to individuals.

Jenkins notes that team wellness efforts should include everyone in the corporate hierarchy. “When managers and supervisors share in the fight to lose weight and stay healthy themselves, they send a powerful message up and down the line. “Weight loss efforts create tremendous bonding,” says Jenkins. “Everyone feels like they’re part of the same team, working hard to support one another’s success.”

The magic, reports Jenkins, is that “the spirit of shared success spills over into other business functions.”

A Permanent Framework

Jenkins is quick to point out that her approach to employee health goes far beyond calorie restriction and exercise. “As a personal success coach, my job is to help each person clarify and refine what he or she wants out of life,” says Jenkins. Clarity, however, is just the first step.

“Creating a plan is how the journey to success begins, but it’s a series of small steps that actually get you there,” observes Jenkins. “Unfortunately, many people simply run out of steam.” The antidote is a consistent, continuing framework of support, and the workplace provides an ideal setting.

“Learning opportunities about health and wellness that are presented as an integral part of business life send an important message to employees.

Additionally, weight management sessions offer equal parts of inspiration and accountability. “A regularly scheduled Office Wellness Check makes it harder for team members to ignore excess weight, so they’re more likely to be ‘nudged’ into taking action and literally trimming the fat..”

Building Dreams

“To become reality, a dream house needs to be designed, engineered, and constructed with an eye towards maintenance and longevity,” observes Jenkins. “The same is true for a dream life.” She believes that a blueprint for weight-loss that includes support in the workplace will yield positive results on all fronts.

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