WeInterpret.Net, Sign Language Interpreting Agency, Hires Bi-Lingual Administrative Assistant

WeInterpret.Net has hired a bi-lingual (Spanish/English) administrative assistant in order to meet the growing demands of its current customers. Many of the current contracts allow for additional languages to be added without requiring re-negotiation. 

WeInterpret.NetWeInterpret is opening an office in New Mexico and will support the needs of that office by having administrative positions in Maryland. The call center which allows Deaf and Hard of hearing to communicate with their hearing coworkers and customers through Video Interpreting from a remote location has an occasional need for Spanish/English service. The position of administrative assistant will also be able to answer and interpret these bi-lingual calls when needed.

Providing Sign Language Interpreters for communication between Deaf and hearing persons is a requirement of any business under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA 1990). While there are no specific mandates for interpreters of other languages, WeInterpret recognizes that many companies desire to provide this service to increase their customer base. “Witnessing the communication challenges my parents have faced has inspired me to be available to assist others in the community by providing interpreting services,” states Luis Gonzales, Administrative Assistant, WeInterpret.Net.

About WeInterpret.Net
Maryland Interpreting Services, a Maryland corporation doing business as WeInterpret.Net and WeInterpretLinked was established in 1996. Owner and President, David Stephenson is a nationally certified interpreter. Since its establishment, it has provided some 6 million hours of interpreting services to some 900 customers through offices in Utah, Virginia, Maryland and New Mexico. Staff Interpreters and Independent Sub-Contractors numbering over 1000 provide On-Site (www.WeInterpret.Net) and Video Remote Interpreting. (www.WeInterpretLinked.com)

About Spanish/English Interpreting
An interpreter works with spoken or signed language. A translator works with written language, rewriting documents in a target language which is often the translator’s native language. The jobs are actually quite different. A translator may not even be completely bilingual as resources are available to assist in the translation given a time deadline. An interpreter must be able to instantaneously translate verbally between the two languages. Interpreters are in an ever-increasing demand to meet the needs of the global and domestic market place.

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Women Equal Men In Hunt For Financial Service Jobs Reveals Joslin Rowe

Joslin Rowe has revealed that women working within investment banking and investment management jobs are closer to reaching parity in terms of the percentage of job offers they’re receiving versus men, thanks to the longer and more rigorous interview processes put in place by City firms as a consequence of the recession.


Lack of budget for head count in 2009 has ensured that when hiring for financial services jobs does take place, candidates are subjected to a more rigorous and lengthy interview process to guarantee the very best candidate is hired. This appears to have weeded out gender prejudices, whether passive or active.

Joslin Rowe, the financial services City recruitment specialist, analysed 1,244 City job offers across accountancy jobs, risk and finance jobs, banking operations jobs, compliance jobs and investment management jobs. Between May 2007 & May 2008 (when the recruitment process was typically 3 weeks) men received 55.1% of all financial services job offers compared to 44.9% for women.

Fast forward to May 2008/May 2009, when interview times jumped to over 6 weeks and more interview stages were introduced, and women now receive 48.4% of all financial services job offers – with men receiving 51.6%. In the year 2000, just 41.1% of financial job offers went to women compared to the 58.9% received by men.

Tara Ricks, managing director of Joslin Rowe, the City of London recruitment consultancy, explained: “Today’s interview process has become one of the most intense we’ve ever witnessed. With so many candidates to choose f r o m, and the need to justify every single hire, interviews are involving many more hiring managers and assessment stages. City firms have always been incredibly selective but now only ‘exact match’ candidates can expect to tick all the boxes on each financial services job spec and receive that job offer.”

“Of course there may be other factors at work behind these increases,” added Ms Ricks. “For example, many City firms have been working hard for years to ensure an improved diversity and equal opportunity culture and you can see that f r o m the progressive figures we’ve witnessed since the start of the Millennium.”

Ms Ricks concluded: “The recession may actually prove good news for women. According to a CIPD report, entitled ‘Women in the Boardroom’, female executives interviewed said the traditional rewards and trappings of a higher career status, such as huge bonuses, money and bigger cars, were geared towards a male perspective of success. What they wanted was more time and greater flexibility, something that may be more, rather than less, likely in the post hyper-bonus world.”


According to Joslin Rowe research 50.5% of job interviews are with women and 49.5% are with men. This means that although women are slightly more successful at gaining interviews this marginal advantage does not actually translate into job offers.

About Joslin Rowe:
Established in 1982, Joslin Rowe is one of the leading UK financial services recruitment firms in the UK. Joslin Rowe consultants, candidates and clients work together to achieve the best employment opportunities and long term relationships. Joslin Rowe recruits for accountancy jobs and banking jobs along with other financial services roles across London, Edinburgh and Glasgow including long-term contracts, temporary and permanent positions. Joslin Rowe is a Randstad company – the second largest HR services group globally.

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Hays Highlights The Demand For Specialist Treasury Accounting And Systems-Based Experience Has Increased Over The Past Six Months

Hays, the specialist recruitment company, highlights the demand for specialist treasury accounting and systems-based experience has increased over the past six months. The increasing focus on compliance has led to a stronger focus on individuals with regulatory experience.

Hays, the specialist recruitment company

“Employers are looking for accounting and systems based personnel, in contrast to the same period a year ago when we were experiencing a very high demand for treasury operations managers, working in broad roles and overseeing small teams on the general day-to-day operations,” commented James Crichton, Senior Business Manager at Hays Treasury.

James continued, “Employers are particularly keen to hire individuals who can demonstrate a solid understanding of IAS32 and 39, for both permanent and interim assignments.”

The role of the corporate treasurer has also assumed greater importance during the current downturn, as treasury departments are coming under increasing workload pressures. At the more senior end, applicants need to demonstrate accounting qualifications, strong relationship and change management experience, while strong analytical and systems skills are prized at the more junior end of the market, ideally gained in a complex, multinational environment.

“Employers are looking for accomplished technical and behavioural competencies when recruiting for their corporate treasury jobs,” noted James Crichton.

There has also been steady growth in interim and temporary roles, particularly for strategic (as opposed to operational) appointments, which has fuelled demand for experienced corporate treasurers that are available for contract work. Required competencies include bank relationship and cash flow management expertise, two skill sets that have surged in demand during the current downturn.

“Companies that had previously not employed a dedicated treasurer are reaping the benefits of having an in-house expert, particularly in the management of cash flow”, James remarked.

Another key trend has been an increase in recruitment activity for permanent senior level positions. A number of new posts have been created to accommodate experienced professionals who are able to take on the Head of Treasury role and make fundamental changes to the organisational structure of the accounting function.

“Companies are increasingly looking to bring in specialists who can not only head up their departments but who have the leadership and management skills to drive through change and establish a separate identity for the treasury function,” continued James.

There has been a clear shift of emphasis in the demand for jobs in treasury during the last six months, and the overriding message is that applicants with the right accounting and systems experience and qualifications are well placed to succeed in the current market. However Hays warns that the onus rest on the individuals to show that they have the right skills and background. Individuals who do not have the required experience will find it more difficult to move into treasury roles, as employers are increasingly looking for very specific skill sets.


About Hays Treasury:
Hays Treasury is part of Hays plc, and offers a wide range of Tax and Treasury roles including corporate tax jobs, personal tax jobs and tax investigations jobs. It is market leader in the UK and Australia, and one of the market leaders in Continental Europe. The Group employs 8,294 staff operating from 380 offices in 27 countries across 17 specialisms.

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Sanford Rose Associates Expands Outplacement Services in Ohio

Sanford Rose Associates – Cleveland East is proud to announce its partnership with national Sanford Rose Associates offices expanding outplacement and career transition services to companies Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.

Like many professionals, the changing economy has Ginni Garner, managing director of Sanford Rose Associates-Cleveland East noticing a change in her business. As an executive search and recruitment professional, Garner spent the last 15 years helping companies find, recruit and hire talent. Today’s economy presents a different challenge. Client companies have shifted their focus from hiring and growth to cost-cutting and stability. Companies are now in a situation where they are facing staff reductions and right-sizing.

“While the lay offs and spiraling economy has been alarming, it has allowed my firm and other SRA Managing Directors to examine how we could increase our outplacement service offerings to provide value to companies and individuals in the mid-west,” says Garner. “We are utilizing our years of candidate coaching, resume writing and interviewing to help displaced employees.”

Outplacement or career transition services make good business sense. First, companies can reduce their exposure to litigation. A former employee is less likely to search for a reason to sue if they are treated well when they leave the company. Second, companies will preserve positive community relations. Employees are more likely to talk favorably about a former employer if they are participating in an Outplacement program or given career assistance. In addition, employees often continue relationships with former colleagues. Positive communication will influence current employee engagement and retention.

“As my colleagues and I surveyed the market and spoke with executives who used outplacement in the past, we noticed a high cost and minimal personal attention given to the displaced employee,” notes Garner. “Our typical outplacement program costs half the price of some of the larger firms and focuses on assisting displaced employees one-on-one, an approach that allows us to focus in their individual career experience and transition. Our basic package consists of six hours of coaching. We work with people face-to-face, over the phone and via online webinars.

SRA outplacement consultants coach and mentor displaced employees through a career evaluation, job search skills, packaging/branding, interviewing and offer negotiation.

With the job market changing daily, the high volume of job losses has created a huge demand for outplacement, and Ginni Garner and Sanford Rose Associates-Cleveland East team of consultants is here to help small businesses effectively right-size their workforce. Learn more about SRA-Cleveland East outplacement services at www.srexecutivesearch.com/outplacement.html

About Sanford Rose Associates-Cleveland East
Sanford Rose Associates, has served the recruitment needs of clients for senior-level executives and professionals for over fifty years. The first Sanford Rose office was opened in 1959 in Northeast Ohio. Today, Sanford Rose Associates organization has over sixty offices in North and Central Americas, Europe and Asia. The Cleveland East provides executive and management recruitment services as well as outplacement services for companies in Ohio and across the globe.

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