Hays Suggests Oil And Gas Employers Must Consider Other Skilled Workers To Fill Staff Shortfall

Hays has reported that employers should start considering employing people from other energy and engineering sectors if they are to successfully fill the increasing number of jobs being generated in the oil and gas industry in Scotland.

The comments come as the sector continues a steady recovery, generating a number of new technical and engineering posts. However, there is currently a shortage of people with the necessary skills and experience to fill the posts, caused partly by the lure of better paid positions overseas, combined with a lack of new engineering graduates.

According to Graeme Fyfe, director of Hays’ Oil and Gas division in Scotland, employers will need to compromise on non-essential aspects, take a much broader view of their skills requirements and also ensure they have a long-term strategy to address the issue with an investment in training and development.

“The good news is that energy projects that were previously on hold are now being reinstated and offshore fields which reduced production are coming back online,” said Fyfe. “But there is currently a serious shortage of people with the rights skills and experience to fill the posts that are being generated. This applies across the board, but the pinch point is in mechanical and project management roles. Almost without exception, our clients are looking for skilled project engineers who tend to be at the heart of any manufacturing process – but they simply aren’t available.

“There isn’t time to train them or wait for the next influx of graduates, so in the meantime employers should take a more strategic approach and consider if people from other industry sectors could fulfil these jobs, albeit with some additional learning. For example, we have recently placed a project manager from construction into a manufacturing role in subsea systems and equipment. Another candidate with experience in a heavy forged products environment has relocated to Aberdeen and is now working for a company that manufactures offshore equipment.”

According to Fyfe, people who work in construction, defence, automotive and other large complex engineering industries are often already working to the high standards that are required in the oil and gas sector. They therefore have many transferable technical and project management skills. This is more cost-effective in the longer term, he believes, than opting to offer higher salaries or delaying projects.

“There needs to be a balance between encouraging more people into science and engineering and employers being much more strategic in their forward planning. Not only is there a shortage of new talent but a ‘brain drain’ is causing many of our skilled engineers to relocate overseas at a critical time when we need the right people in place to grow the industry.”

For further information and to access jobs visit www.hays.co.uk/oil-and-gas.

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Jobs Detective Half Way To 1 Million CV Uploads

Jobs Detective are giving away £10,000 to one lucky person when they reach 1 Million CV uploads. They have reached the halfway mark just two months after the site launched.

In order to enter the £10,000 giveaway users must upload their CV, register and fill out their profile. One winner will be picked at random once there have been 1 million CV uploads.

Once a user has uploaded their CV they will be shown jobs that match their skills and experience. Jobs are ranked according to “JD score” to help users and recruiters to see who is a good fit for the position. When a job is applied for, the application and the JD Score goes to the recruiter. This enables the recruiter to see how well a candidate’s CV matches the job. Following registration to the site, users will have a ‘Jobs4me’ section which they can visit and see the jobs that are scored to their CV.

The Jobs Detective site offers a number of unique technologies and resources exclusive to the UK based online job search site which is aimed at both those looking for jobs as well as recruiters including the Multiapply Cart which allows users to add as many jobs as they wish to their cart while browsing the site and then apply for them simultaneously and submit a covering letter for each individual job.

Sonum Tailor, Marketing said: “We are delighted to introduce JobsDetective.co.uk to the industry. Our creative efforts reflect just how dedicated Jobsdetective.co.uk is in providing recruitment solutions within today’s jobs market. We have whole heartedly taken today’s recruitment needs into consideration and transformed the process, it making application and selection process it the most easiest and stress free method in selecting the right candidate(s).”

The site launched on the 19th of July and has already seen over 500,000 CV uploads.
It currently has over 13,000 jobs and 417 recruiters on the site.

See jobsdetective.co.uk/win-10000.html for current total.

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A Country In Demand

toplanguagejobs.de, Europe’s Number 1 Specialist Provider of Finnisch jobs & Call center jobs Berlin discusses how one region is booming.

Aytac Irfan of TopLanguageJobs commented:

“In the Eurozone Germany is the country with all the cash and jobs and rightly so.”

Over the last couple of month we’ve seen that Germany is the country that is setting the standards within the Eurozone.

Today it was announced that Germany is going reluctantly going to provide the majority of the fund to get Greece out of immediate turmoil, again.

Germans seem to be using a vast range of skills to fulfill a wide variety of jobs. Language jobs in particular are on the rise and also in major population zones in Germany. Berlin is seen as the epicenter for this rise with many more jobs being created.

Germany is certainly leading the way in the Eurozone with the production of more GDP per capita than any other country in the Eurozone.

About TopLanguageJobs
Top Language Jobs, Europe’s No. 1 specialist language recruitment job portal.

We operate the largest European network of English jobs Berlin & multilingual jobs websites and have 1000’s of bilingual jobs available online from leading language recruitment agencies & employers in London, UK & Europe.

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The Uses of Leadership Tests and Management Training

The biggest complaint about most management training efforts is that they are not measurable or quantifiable. There is often no way to know if an organization is creating effective leaders or not. Indeed all that often happens after many such efforts is that the people in the classes fade back into the company and disappear.

This can be avoided by applying effective leadership tests. Leadership testing involves identify potential leaders and surveying those who have taken the leadership training to see if it is effective. One of the best tests is to see the graduates of past management training efforts have actually taken on management roles.

Another is to survey them and see if they are actually putting the techniques, strategies and skills they learned in the training sessions to work. At the same time you can ask if those methods actually work or not and what results they have achieved in the real world.

If no discernable effect is detected you can assume that the training efforts have failed. If the results are negative you can also assume that you have failed. Yet you may also determine that some techniques work and some don’t.

This way you can decide which techniques are appropriate and which are not. In some cases, you may learn that only part of your training has actually worked. In others you may see that it has come close and failed. You might also learn which training is appropriate to your organization and its people or not.

A final leadership test that you can apply is to do an employ survey asking what leadership or management skills are lacking in your organization you might be surprised. You might learn that managers are not communicating with workers or that managers are unsure of what to do.

Once you do that you can redesign your training efforts in order to produce the results that you actually want.

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Foreign Translations, Inc. Launches Foreign Staffing, Inc. Service and Website

Foreign Staffing, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of our new service and website (www.foreignstaffing.com). Using our 13 years of experience in providing translation services to global corporations, Foreign Translations, Inc. www.foreigntranslations.com created Foreign Staffing, Inc., www.foreignstaffing.com, a bilingual staffing and recruiting firm specializing in the placement of professional bilingual personnel all over the world.

With thousands of bilingual applicants across the globe, Foreign Staffing, Inc. has the foundation, resources, and expertise to locate and place bilingual and multilingual candidates anywhere and everywhere. According to CEO Ken Zwerdling,“There are far too many people skilled in foreign languages who are not utilizing them in the work place. We help applicants combine their professional and bilingual skills to find the perfect job anywhere in the country or around the world”. In addition, Zwerdling says, “We service companies with simple to diverse international demands, for example, those that may require German engineers in Chicago, Chinese Human Resources executives in Los Angeles, or even French lawyers in Boston.

The need for employees with foreign language skills is becoming a vital tool for almost any entity, from the most recognized of global businesses all the way to individual local companies. Foreign Staffing, Inc. is committed to assisting large-scale bilingual and multilingual communities as well as individuals find the opportunities where their skills will be utilized and appreciated. Because we value these skills, we are dedicated to matching applicants who have proven language and professional skills with the best permanent opportunities.

The new website has many features to help job seekers in search of job opportunities as well as help employers understand how we will fill their needs. Job seekers can view and apply for current jobs in various industries or register for future job openings.

CEO Ken Zwerdling says, “We are living in a global world. When job seekers are able to combine their language and professional skills they are infinitely more marketable in this very tough job market. And, more than ever before, employers are doing business around the globe and need employees with specific language skills”.

Foreign Staffing, Inc., http://www.foreignstaffing.com helps employers and job seekers Go Global With Confidence®.

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English Speaking Jobs in France

toplanguagejobs.fr, Europe ‘s Number 1 Specialist Provider of English jobs and English speaking jobs sums up the the French jobs marker.

Aytac Irfan of TopLanguageJobs commented:

“English speaking jobs are becoming more and more wide spread throughout Europe and especially France and Brits turn to the continent for job stability.”

A small percentage of Britons and leaving to mainland Europe because of the looming double dip recession in the UK.

A growing majority of Britons speak French as a second language or at least have proficiency in French due to the teachings they received at grammar school.

Because of this a small majority is seeking work in France and especially Paris. English is a great first language to have, but similarly French is a great second language to have.

Europeans and Britons are looking to reach out and expand their horizons in a tough economy by making tough decisions.

We expect not too many Britons to ‘jump ship’ over the next quarter. But certainly it is a chance for people to try something new and find new opportunities.

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Management Training Encouraged in order to Jumpstart Future Leaders

Management training is seen by business owners as the best way to develop young stalwarts that show promise into fitting leaders for tomorrow.

Any good and responsible workplace knows the value of a few good leaders. There is a standard notion that says only a few good leaders are ever really born. With this idea in mind, management training has then been developed to make leaders instead of waiting for them to be born into this world. More and more corporations are beginning to realize the benefits of investing in a good management training program.

Good leaders come and go and to keep an organization running smoothly, there must be someone waiting in line to become the next big thing. Experts agree that it is better to train someone who is already immersed in the office culture or has been a long-term employee than taking a risk with someone completely new. It is also relatively cheaper to train an existing employee than to hire a brand new one for top management position.

Other benefits of sending an existing employee to management training include: loyalty on the part of the employee to the company, a solid foundation built on trust between the company and the employee and lesser risk over-all. If a company is looking to build someone up to be its next manager or supervisor, it is best to do a company evaluation to find out if anyone on their payroll is a good fit or shows promise.

Qualities top executives must look for in finding an individual to train are: competence in work and habits, good moral conduct and standing, an honest and open behavior, dedication to the job, a willingness to learn, enthusiasm and good energies. These are some basic qualities that a young leader must possess that would make him fit to undergo management training. A good management training program will sharpen one’s skills and make him fit to be a future leader.

Some early management training can already be done by supervisors upon spotting a rare bird in the flock. By way of mentoring, inspiring and teaching this person, older and more experienced employees are already building up his confidence and bringing out the spirit of a leader in him. It always pays to find time to set promising leaders aside and mentoring them. Any workplace can benefit from a true leader and the effects can be beyond imagination.

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